Lake Lugano, luxury incentive, great events, upmarket weddings

A glimpse of Lake Lugano

Lake Lugano, elegance, lux, style

Lugano is a tourist destination interesting both for business and leisure, it enjoys a Mediterranean atmosphere, and it is rich in religious buildings, parks, gardens and villas to admire.


We strongly suggest a cruise to discover the picturesque villages facing the Lake Lugano, with a lunch or a tasty stop in a crotto where attending a cooking class with the preparation of delicious local risotto.


Some nice cable cars let you reach the top of the hills for a lunch or a trekking with a great view.


For the experts, a lot of art galleries in the heart of the town, really appreciated by the art critics.


Good ways to close the day, a nice dinner in a restaurant, some relax at the Casino (Lugano or Campione d’Italia), after dinner in the nightclubs.

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