Lake Orta, perfectly fits your boutique events

A glimpse of Lake Orta and the San Giulio Island

Lake Orta or Cusio is the most western of the great pre-alpine lakes

Balzac described it as “a lovely little lake at the foot of Mount Rosa, an island set amidst very calm waters, coquettish and simple, (…)”.


In the middle of the lake lies the island of San Giulio, smallish in size, with its Basilica holding the remains of its namesake Saint …


You’ll fall in love with Orta after walking, admiring the island while drinking a coffee in a square, crusing on the lake, staying in an elegant hotel.


But, if you visit the small villages around the lake, you can enjoy great views and discover hidden and almost unknown places like Legro, the “painted village” or Pettenasco and its beaches, and  Miasino, the village of Faith.


Looking for hotels, villas, venues for a private event or a corporate one on Lake Orta? Team building ideas for your Company on Lake Orta? Are you planning an incentive and you are looking for a local DMC?

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