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The team-building ideas of Lakes Lovers

The Lake Como area is fantastic if you are thinking of a team building activity with/for your company.


Whether it is an off-site meeting for a day or series of activities over a longer time period, we have many alternatives to suggest to brighten your day, filling it with attention, ideas and opportunities.


Depending, then, on your expectations, objectives and desires, we could assess together whether we lean toward purely fun activities or educational ones, outdoors or indoors, creative, manual, dynamic, etc.


We have dozens and dozens of activities to offer to you: team building that is dynamic, creative, technological, relaxing, challenging, wine related, food related, sport… Depending on your expectations and desires, we offer what would seem the most opportune to you.


There are a number of reasons why a company decides to ask for team building for its employees: it is often the goals that are triggered by a specific activity that direct the company and the organizer to an appropriate solution. Below are some of the most common:

Integration: the participants get to know better the people they meet all the time, not by choice, at work, and whom they know only slightly despite sharing an office.

Communication: The participants learn to communicate in an open and fun way, outside of organisational tasks, increasing trust among colleagues, improving the level of collaboration, stimulating creativity, enhancing communication.

Celebration: the participants are protagonists of the team’s success and they can have their moments of organizational recognition that reenergizes and motivates.

Passion: The participants regain motivation after periods of strong company tension and celebrate the results of being a group of people who win because they believe and resist difficulties, as they are all oriented in the same direction

Reinforcement: Reinforce the groups in their relationships with colleagues and bosses, find satisfaction and aesthetic value in performance again, recover from fragile emotions that generate often sterile and mortifying conflicts for the group, stimulate comparison and collaboration.

Motivation: Reworking their stories and personal processes, the participants find the value of their uniqueness.

Conflict: The group recreates the dysfunctional dynamics and finds the value of being a successful group.


Once you evaluate what you want to get from this activity… what can we offer you?


A lot, a lot of ideas, really!

Creative, dynamic, fun, surprising, intelligent, tasteful… And what are your expectations, desires and goals?   Let’s talk about it and we will find the best solution!


Which are the steps to deal with together?  Those who want to organise an event with creativity, competence, seriousness and professionalism know that it is essential to be clear, direct and precise during the briefing:  desires, needs and budget must be considered and communicated from the beginning. It is useless to waste time with partial or imprecise requests, only making it difficult for the local partner who then tends not to trust the client (agency or company) who contacts him.


Whether for the client, an agency or a company, for the local DMC, it is about work, energy, and interests to put in play in such a way as to make the event very beautiful and unforgettable.


Where? Thanks to our partners and collaborators, we can supply our services anywhere, in Switzerland and northern Italy, but we have often been involved in projects that also took us to central/southern Italy as well as abroad (Cape Town, Malaga, Madrid, Dublin, Munich, Monaco): our work method and way of relating to the participants and customers sometimes allow the “export” of the Lake Lovers concept even outside our usual borders!


What?  We can range from the most modern team building (Escape Room, Escape the City, Mannequin Challenge, Lip Dub, Musical …) and technology (iPad Treasure Hunt, entertainment and evening games during dinners, 3D creations), construction and competition activities (cardboard boats, cardboard cars, designer furniture made of cardboard or eco-compatible material, rafts, sleds, survival courses in a forest, winter igloo village), to outdoor games (Games without Frontiers, Olympic Games, connecting games, Canadian canoes, dragon boat), from creativity (painting and street art, Lip Dub, orchestra, percussion, company choir, theatre, cinema, business spots, radio) to taste (create your own cuvée, wine marketing, cocktail creation, cooking in the kitchen) we can satisfy all enquiries!


We can also explore multi-sport days with particularly large groups, dividing the participants among more activities such as:
canyoning, trekking, e-bike, Canadian canoe, kayak – creating packages that include transfers, assistance, professional guides, lunches and photo/video services.


Contact us to talk about your next team building activity. In the meantime, have a look at some past experiences and visit the section dedicated to discovery and team building.

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