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private events, weddings & birthdays

A private event, a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding on Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta or Lake Lugano?


Thinking of celebrating an important occasion, or perhaps getting married, in the Italian-Swiss Lakes area?


A marvellous area that offers many beautiful and winning alternatives.


  • reception in an ancient villa, the most popular solution for weddings in our area.
  • Villas with large, beautiful indoor rooms, and gardens where you can have an open-air aperitivo, cut the cake in view of the lake, or put up a marquee to suit the occasion.
  • Ceremonies and banquets in the countryside, in very interesting outdoor areas, often in restored farmhouses in areas rich in wineries.
  • Original wedding receptions in the mountains with a view of the lake in restaurants, agriturismos, cabins and huts, for a solution that will surprise your guests.


What we can do for you – services offered by Lakes Lovers

We offer you marvellous places, immense gardens and grand villas, dream cars and boats to transport you, great boats to organise a “travelling feast”, interactive games and fun to make the occasion a little more dynamic…


There are all the ingredients to make an unforgettable day even more exclusive.


To trust yourself to a professional and competent agency that can help you with the preparation of your event is indispensable, but more importantly it lets you optimise the time that you have available, providing you with the essential information.


The day of your birthday, anniversary or wedding deserves to be organised with care, passion and love.



We would like to allow you to optimise your time and resources, guaranteeing you the answers that help you and the guidelines to follow to realise your dream.


For example, for a wedding, we supply you with a brief list of useful tips and some very important contacts:  wedding planner, catering, florist, photographer, clothing shops for the bride and groom, creation of wedding favours, vintage or luxury car rental


We plan pages and accounts on the social networks to inform your guests about the programme, schedules, dress code and tips.


We organise the bachelor party and the hen party, and the special dinners before and after the day of the reception as well as interactive games for the guests during the wedding lunch or dinner to make video and photos, or other equally fun things.


We take care of your guests, organise their overnight stays or a typical dinner the evening before the event.


We offer you a range of services such as games and special shows during the reception. We put at your service our many years of experience and professionalism in the wonderful romantic and dynamic setting of Lakes Como, Lugano, Orta, Maggiore, Iseo and Garda and the surrounding areas.


Some Insights for You



How to organise your wedding? An important question:  do you want to organise your wedding by yourselves? We help you by providing a brief list of tips and some very important contacts: catering, florist, photographer, clothing shops for the bridge and groom, vintage or luxury car rental for the wedding.


The static and vaguely boring weddings of decades ago are long gone: today, receptions are dynamic, technological, social, and futuristic… while leaving a little room for nostalgia for classy style of days gone by!


The wedding day starts before and also ends some days after the wedding.  We plan your pages and accounts on the social networks to let you be the best prepared, to inform your guests about the programme, schedules, dress code and tips.


wedding reception

Were you looking for a villa on the lake, a restaurant on Lake Como, an agriturismo to organise your wedding reception/banquet in?


Did you want to organise the rehearsal dinner in a beautiful restaurant with a view of the lake? Would you like your guests to have fun with games and entertainment during the reception?


Do you have to organise their stay, with a night at a hotel before and after the wedding day?


Also, for your honeymoon, there are numerous options for trips, stays and cruises in Italy or abroad.



Already a custom in Italy, too, this idea of ​​American origin is not yet rooted in Italian tradition, but it is becoming increasingly popular. It is a dinner that usually takes place the night before the wedding – or a few nights before, depending on preferences – during which the two next-generation families are together, eating, drinking, joking, getting to know each other and getting ready for the party!


Would you like to make this dinner more fun?  Do you want the best music to accompany the evening?



If, instead, you are thinking of celebrating again after 10, 20, 50 years, our wedding vows renewal is available to explore the most suitable solutions with you!


We can also offer our advice for:

Restaurants, car, photographer, hotel…everything needed for perfect organisation.


We can also offer our advice on:
– Wedding gown, tailor-made
– Advice on the choice of fabric and textiles
– Hand-made jewellery, made to measure and unique
– Wedding favours – refined and original



Were you looking for a location and ideas to organise a stag and hen party for your friends? We have ideas and advice to give you on organising a fun party, a special evening, an unforgettable night:  we have fun, engaging and irreverent games that will make your stag or hen party unforgettable.


Games and activities for the wedding day

Forget the long afternoon sitting at the table waiting for each dish:

the wedding is also fun, engaging, full of laughter to remember:  if the couple is busy with the guests…there are the friends and the wedding planner to worry about the entertainment and we… are at your service to suggest the most special idea!


An example?  Imagine that each table has an iPad available… and that, through this iPad, the guests will find themselves in a game that helps to capture the most beautiful moments that link them to the bride and groom, to recreate original and ironic situations, to take photos and videos following the instructions that will appear directly on the iPad… What will surprise you is that all iPads on the reception tables will be connected to each other, that the tables will interact, and that at the end we will be able to project (and let you have) the best of what the guests have said and done during the reception… the most beautiful photos, the most fun and exciting videos/stories, all this will be part of an emotional video that will be ready in no time!


Another example? Would you like to test your ability with simple but fun games, even if you are sitting in a jacket and tie? We have a solution for you… suitable for all ages… children, adults, parents, sons and daughters, grandchildren and grandparents all together and carefree.  Celebrate and have fun… a photographer will immortalise the most beautiful moments.


 a party also… for your divorce!

It happens, at times: the path that you thought to travel together… takes different roads.


Nothing better than a nice party to react, share, have fun with friends, to relax… to enjoy life for a few days! Parties, wellness centres, cruises, lunches and dinners with Italian cuisine, a ride in a car or motorcycle, shopping … and some ‘spicy’ surprises!

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