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Dynamic, active, energy, logic team building activities: make your choice

We know the hotel facilities, villas, gardens and spaces usually used for company activities


We know team building and – at times – we invent it based on how our customers communicate, their expectations, past experiences, needs and desires, and the spaces and supplies available in the chosen locations.


We know how to open, conduct and conclude the activity: how to make you comfortable, to respect you, the environment, and the premises hosting the team building.


We know how to get you to the location, if and when necessary.


We think in advance of the critical things to avoid surprises, we try to adapt if your meeting runs over time, or if dinner arrives early: we always make sure that the team building satisfies all the participants and that you are relaxed!


You just have to tell us what you would like to do and where: indoor, outdoor, sports, games, dynamism, competition, fun, training … we are ready! Some examples?


Olympic Games –  Energy Game – Connecting People Game

There is a wide and interesting variety of games and activities that can be presented under the name of Outdoor Games, which we have renamed in different ways depending on the types of the expected challenges, the client’s aspirations and the goals of the customer.


For example, under the heading “Olympic Games” we put those team-building activities in which the Olympic spirit and the dynamic sport aspect are predominant, but no major physical commitment is expected, but rather everyone’s involvement, with team competition and collaboration within the teams, without aggravation.


The “Energy Game“, on the other hand, is more intense: the participants also focus on performance, physical results, the competition is more heated, classical sports disciplines are used and, possibly, other tests suitable for corporate team building of this type… often an adaptation of sporting tests.


We also offer the “Connecting People Games“, where participants are also encouraged to use their head in tackling the various tests, not only of skill but also of concept.


Generally, these team-building activities are preferably carried out in an outdoor area where various playgrounds are set up, where participants will be challenged in various sporting activities and problem solving.


Depending on the location chosen and the available spaces, we can include various disciplines that we suggest for dealing with the right spirit, both for fun and for competition: we will propose some variations to the traditional method of performance, to involve everyone, even those who have had no experience in some of the proposed sport activities.


In any case, the teams will compete in a series of games, challenges, and tests to improve the relationship and competitive capabilities of all the members: team building is designed to increase motivation and strength within the group.


The participants, divided into teams, have to challenge themselves in various games, trying to reach their respective goals, and to address any difficulties and disadvantages that might be presented during the work.

The teams are called upon to compete and win points that are valid (together with other factors) to draw up the final ranking: strategic skills and team spirit are the secret and winning weapon to get the most out of it.


This experience is designed to:

– Encourage and enhance the combination of various individual potentials;

– Strengthen and recreate an ideal of positive and intense teamwork;

– Develop interdependence, involvement, ability to understand people, trust, collaboration and communication, a shared vision, creativity, and mutual and motivational support.


Thanks to this experience, it is possible to reinforce team spirit and the sense of belonging to a single group.


Where?  We have various proposals for you:  an exclusive island, a large private park, a farm… contact us and we will study the best solution.


For a short video with some photos from past events: Olympic Games – Energy Game – Connecting People Game




Raise your hand if you have never dreamt at least once of being able to experience the most exciting challenges, fun games, passions and team spirit that only this lucky series of games has been able to instil! In this outdoor Team Building (but also indoors if there is lots of space), problem-solving games are offered, during which the participants are faced with different situations in a spirit of fun and involvement.


In these mini Olympics, the various teams are challenged in a series of races designed to help the participants improve relationship and organisational skills, boosting team motivation and strength to strive for ever more ambitious and demanding goals. In short, one of the most classic and exciting sports formats, totally revised with technology, combining the fun and competition of physical testing with the technology of our latest iPad retina technology. The tablets, through our App, allow us to carry out and simultaneously evaluate experiential and physical tests typical of “games without borders”, together with more mental and intellectual tests of character.


These are necessary:  outdoor green spaces or as many indoor spaces as possible to carry out the tests as well as, if possible, changing rooms, and the use of a projector, screen and audio system in a plenary room where the final video projection is performed. Interacting with participants by sending messages and texts of the specific tests with iPads pre-set in English, Italian, French, etc.


Try to imagine yourself as the protagonist of one of our fun games: Hotel City Games – Watch the video of presentations



Survival course!

Imagine being stranded on a desert island with insufficient resources to survive!  Time runs on inexorably, and the team has to do everything to survive until rescue arrives!


Key objectives: problem solving, leadership, decision making, team communication, adventure, ability to plan, stress management, diversification, passion


Possible activities: Use of knots and ropes, instructions on learning to tie the most important knots, uncommon use of existing resources. In the midst of a situation that requires all kinds of abilities to survive, you may find yourself having to use the most common and trivial things… in an unconventional way!


Some tests:  start a fire with the help of lenses, stones or something else; how to send remote signals, how to build bridges (sailor’s, Tibetan, Tyrolean) or shelter structures, tents etc..



CSI on Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Orta Lake, Lake Lugano, Lake Iseo, Lake Garda

Just like on television, participants will become skilful investigators busy on the scene of an infamous crime!


Our trainers recreate an environment in which the teams must solve mysteries, pass tests, examine clues, question suspects…


To our inspector-conductor falls the task of directing the operations and explaining the rules to follow, then the participants will be the absolute protagonists of the activity, examining motives, detecting fingerprints, listening to very suspicious audio files!


Some useful materials will be assigned to the participants:

  • Latex gloves
  • UV LED torches
  • Computer with Identikit software
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Digital kit for revealing fingerprints
  • Transparent inks
  • Digital cameras

Investigations will proceed and the teams will begin the investigation process by gathering testimonies. Our assistants will watch and, surprise, they will be able to involve some of the teams in tests … unexpected!!!!


Where? If you do not have a location, we can suggest it to you, preferably choosing from a wide range of villas and hotels.


Orienteering with skill tests

Orienteering, or team orientation, can be proposed as a unique activity (with compass tests on the ground: the team using the compass will need to reach two hidden lanterns or identify one of a series) or enriched by some skill tests.


Following are some suggestions/ideas, whose feasibility will be verified depending on available spaces etc.

  • Three-dimensional nets
  • Swamp
  • Wall of nets
  • Tree climbing – walking on high ropes and descending by rope
  • Search for water
  • Construction of a stretcher
  • Pitch a tent


Orienteering with tests can also be supplemented by challenges in the water in a canoe/kayak, or building boats of cardboard or rafts.


Where to do this activity?  A park, a private garden, an island, an agricultural company?


Contact us and we will propose the solution that suits your needs.



Drive our vintage tricycles!!!

An original and innovative idea for your team building?  Only with us can you try the experience of driving vintage tricycles.


What are vintage tricycles?  When we were small we called them crickets … now we’ve made them grown up, like us! And we propose that you be protagonists of our team building, during which you can demonstrate your driving skills… despite some challenges to overcome!


We propose “vintage 3cycle” integrated as part of a team building that includes a series of trials, games and challenges, or all by itself, depending on the participants and the time available.


Beware: the challenge is not a speed race…but skill!


The proposal consists of two options:
1) assemble and compete:
2) create your own body shop and garage
(You could also combine these two options to customize even more.)


Duration: from 40 minutes for a challenge for a team to 2 hours with creation/assembly. 


Sled with huskies, fat bikes, igloo construction … our winter team building

Where? in Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva, Madesimo, Monte Adamello, Ponte di Legno, St Moritz in the Engadine.  Experience the excitement of an excursion on a sled pulled by huskies, or a pedal on a fat bike … a snow bike with wider tyres ….

You build a single igloo or a small village … There are many ideas waiting for you to experience a wonderful adventure in the Alps … or even in the Dolomite area if you prefer Madonna di Campiglio, Cortina d’Ampezzo, Arabba …

The ski areas closest to the lakes of northern Italy and the south of Switzerland:
Alta Valtellina in the heart of the Alps, consisting of: Bormio, Livigno, Santa Caterina Valfurva and il San Colombano;
Piani di Bobbio  between the provinces of Lecco and Bergamo, easily reachable from Orio al Serio Airport, with Artavaggio, Piazzatorre, Valtorta, Piani d’Erna, Pian delle Betulle;
Adamello Ski:  Temù and Ponte di Legno, Passo del Tonale and Presena;
Airolo, San Bernardino, St Moritz.


The ski areas where we can provide our services:
Dolomiti Superski:  here are many of the most famous  ski areas of the Dolomites, namely Val Gardena, Alta Badia, Canazei, Arabba and Malga Ciapela;
Via Lattea,  consisting of Sestriere, Sauze d’Oulx, Claviere, San Sicario, Cesana Torinese and the French Montgenèvre;
Matterhorn Ski Paradise,  part of Cervinia, Valtournenche and Zermatt;
Monterosa Ski,  composed of the locations of Alagna, Champoluc and Gressoney;
Skirama di Brenta:  Pinzolo, Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida and Marilleva;
Espace San Bernardo,  straddling Italy and France, connecting the locations of La Thuile and La Rosière.

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