Notes: reservation, cancellation policies

Dear customers please find below some important info about our policies:


All the enquiries are welcome: period, day, duration, number of participants, level of services expected, budget are required


We are not a public office, an info point or a tourim association: we don’t work for free, our first answer will help both of us in order to understand as better as possible what are your expectations and needs. If you decide to go ahead with us, it means that you like our proposals, our ideas etc.


So, please note, there will be a minimum fee for our advice: 900,00€ as per project assistance will be charged/invoices if you decide to go ahead after the first consultancy.


Hotel reservation: as soon as you give us all the info, we’ll send you a proposal with some ideas. From that moment, direct contact with the hotels suggested are not welcome, if not previously agreed.


Hotel, villa, location, venue reservation after our advice will always have a minimum fee of 8% even in case of direct contact after our offer/proposal (upon confirmaton – depending on number of participants, number of nights, services confirmed).


In case of not previously agreed direct contact, there will be a minimum fee of 8%+ 8% of penalty fee, always depending on number of participants, number of nights.
The fee will be invoiced immediately if you decide to contact the hotel without our permission/agreement, even if you don’t reserve the hotel.
We work with you and for you: the maximum respect of our work is required.


Restaurant Reservation: as per the hotels, there will be a fee for every person confirmed. If you reserve through us, we’ll try to manage to include our fee in the cost of the menu we propose.


Otherwise, if you want the service to be invoiced by .the restaurant, the fee will be added to the menu and paid separately, in advance, based on the minimum guaranteed number of participants. If the number increases, the extra people will be added


Lakes Lovers Sagl is a modern Company and perfectly knows that everybody is free to find and choose hotels or restaurants using websites or apps.
If not, we are at disposal for customers that would like to receive a professional filter or advice.


We propose and suggest hotels and restaurants we directly know and that we tasted/visited personally, paying our bill as clients.
This is what we consider a professional behaviour focused on customers satisfaction


Team building activities: depending on your request, we’ll send you some proposals and an estimation of the costs based on your inputs and our standard formats. For every customization the cost of the service will increase consequently and will be immediately communicated


Payments for reservations.
30%/50% not refundable at confirmation
full payment 30 days before the event
In case of last minute requests, 100% full payment required at confirmation.


In all legal matters connected with Lakes Lovers our General Terms & Conditions apply. These are an integral part of our estimates, services and offers.


Exclusion of Liability:
Participation in our events and excursions is at your own risk. We can accept no liability of any kind whatsoever e.g. organizer liability, costs arising from an event. We cannot be held responsible for death, injury, sickness, theft, or programme amendments in the event of strike or due to bad weather. Costs arising from premature ending of the event, or travel, doctor’s fees and hospital charges of a participant or of the customer will not be accepted. We cannot accept responsibility for lost flights e.g. due to traffic jams, accident etc. We are not liable for errors and negligence on the part of our service providers and partners. We recommend you to take out a personal insurance cover.


Costs for Reconnaissance/Site Inspections:
For this the standard hourly, half-day or one-day tariff will apply.  If you then use the services of Lakes Lovers Sagl for your event, we refund you 50% of the cost of the site inspection/reconnaissance trip at the end of the event (excluding planning, travel and car expenses).


These Terms and Conditions are governed solely by Swiss Law and the place of jurisdiction is Mendrisio, Switzerland.


For a quick and direct contact, please fill out the form below.

For the purposes of Articles 7, 13 and 23 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, I declare that I have read the information of LakesLovers Sagl for the processing of personal data

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