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Sing, act, play with your colleagues in a fun team building activity

There are beautiful team-building activities that take the participants to be protagonists in the first person in television spots, improvisations or dancing taken from a musical, with colleagues.


They are team-building exercises that require many factors to be put into play: first of all, you are exposed, often showing to others a little-known, artistic side; you are on a stage, in front of a microphone or a camera, following the directions of a director or a choreographer who, in a short time, teaches steps and movements as you perform alone or with colleagues.


Customers often choose a team building activity like this because they want to see how the participants react and behave; in other cases, it is a way of finding out what they think of the company they are part of or a project they have worked on, or it is even a good idea to have tutorials, spots, videos to watch together and to make their staff bond.


You can improvise, recite, write texts for an advertisement, sing famous songs imitating the singers in a musical video, dance parts of a musical or freeze as in a Mannequin Challenge… Or you can think of new solutions, activities that incorporate more of the ideas described to personalise the proposal, also according to the time available, the number of people participating and the characteristics of the locations.  Music and song also play an important role:  the creative part of purely musical team building is remarkable, from percussion to the company choir.


Let’s talk about it! In the meantime, here are some ideas:


Lip Dub – Create your favourite musical video
What is a lip dub? It is a popular, musical video that combines synchronisation and audio dubbing, usually made by a group of people while the original song is being played.


The perfect Lip Dub has four characteristics:  spontaneity, authenticity, participation and fun!


The first, most important step is the choice of the video and the song:  depending on the message that you want to transmit or the idea behind the wish and choice to try this activity: you have to choose something specific and special, preferably well known, cheerful and nice.


The second step is the preparation of the people who will have a role in the video.  There will obviously be a coach, director and assistants to supply the directions for a quick adaptation, and every customisation will be welcome!


Once the various scenes are prepared, you proceed to film them, concluding with the final created product and… a good viewing!


The work will be managed by a team of professionals from the world of singing, dancing, directing and video making. We suggest that you have a large, dark meeting room or, even better, a cinema where you can project the final video, watching it all together in a climate of friendship, fun and joy.


What does a Lip Dub do? The benefits are really interesting: an existing group is cemented, departments that are usually uncooperative become closer, they help new colleagues integrate, reinforce team spirit and attachment to “business colours”!


Businesses often use video produced for internal purposes; others use it to promote on social media… We can suggest other options to you …


Even groups of friends and guests at a graduation party, stag night, hen party or wedding often choose to have a fun entertainment activity that will make a great memory for the participants.

Find one of our Lip Dubs at this link: (others available on YouTube on our channel): Lip Dub


Mannequin Challenge

Taken from the fashion of the moment, we also thought of a format dedicated to the Mannequin Challenge, also suitable for occasions where the time available is limited, but you want to experience something that is long-lasting.


In this case, too, a beautiful song is the starting point, as well as the location that must accommodate all participants deployed nearby, but not too close…!!


Our coaches, directors and video makers will take care to educate the participants, costume designers and make-up stylists to prepare you for the moment of recording, if you wish: the result is memorable, with all the protagonists of a cheerful video in very original poses.


Hurrah for the shorts … and the commercials!

Participants taking part in this activity, divided into teams, will challenge themselves to produce the most creative advertising video, taking into consideration what the company or society they belong to produces or promotes (where possible – alternatively, other themes can be considered).


The spots can be made and displayed at the end of the activity during an aperitif / dinner, depending on the customer’s instructions.


The important aspects of this experience are the ability to accomplish something together, as individuals within a team, with tasks and roles defined but interchangeable, in a relaxed, fun and pleasant environment.


The participants will be called upon to reflect on their dynamic companies, on their own work life, the degree of existing collaboration and cooperation, on strengths and weaknesses of their commercial products and on numerous other aspects that will be evaluated with the customer in the planning phase of the event.


Our coaches/facilitators will guide the members of the various teams, creating a true and proper work team, as on a film set:  director, screenwriter, choreographer, set designer, costumer designer, actors, extras etc. Everyone will have important tasks, everyone will have to make a real contribution using the appropriate characteristics and / or natural abilities, or learning something new.


The videos could be advertisements on social networks or used as spots aimed externally or for internal communication, at the discretion of the customer.


According to the directions received, our coaches/facilitators will available (if asked) during the viewing of the video for a final constructive chat with the participants.


Orchestra – Percussion – Team-Building Musical

It’s a form of entertainment designed to stimulate the spirit of integration, teamwork and collaboration.


The strength of this activity lies in the capacity to make the participants the true protagonists of the event, creating something unique together, which is the musical moment.


To have success, people have to listen, move in harmony, follow a common rhythm, and get completely in play.


Under the guidance of a real orchestra conductor, the teams will challenge groups of 5/6 people, each of whom will have a specific task, a unique role!  The moment of the concert is alive with tension and unpredictability, the risk of live performance is authentic, even if the selections chosen are of short duration …


These versions are also much appreciated: “Gospel” – “Musical Band” – “Percussion”

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