Gala dinners – Theme Parties

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A wonderful villa is the best set for a Gatsby Style Party or a James Bond Style party on the Lakes

Gala dinners – Theme Parties

Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, above all, but also the other Italian-Swiss lakes, were always world famous for their beauty and capacity to attract notable personalities including singers, actors, authors, politicians etc., who stayed in the hotels, purchased villas, and – very often – had parties!


Follow their example and have fun!  The lakes are often considered places to rest and relax, and that is definitely true, but that does not take away from the fact that you can also party and celebrate birthdays, victories, anniversaries, corporate events, new products to introduce to your best clients with parties, presentations, moments of joy, fun and great class.


We have excellent DJs, experts in the international market and suitable for every kind of party and event.


And then our musicians are true artists:  from a one-man show to small, complete musicals with 2, 3, 4 musicians to more important bands with 10, 15 or more musicians and singers.


Do you like Italian folk music?  Guitar, voice and mandolin? You will be very happy!


And what can we say about the locations?  They are beautiful:  classical villas, with long histories, and plenty of space to have lunch or dinner, sing and dance and… carry on partying.


Thanks to its luxury tourism industry and its unparalleled beauty, the Lakes region of Northern Italy and Southern Switzerland has hosted numerous television crews over the years who have been able to enjoy the beauty of the landscapes while shooting TV series and film productions of the highest level.


We assist you in researching the most suitable location, and we think of everything that you need to embellish, personalise and thematise it, according to your expectations, ideas and desires. Some ideas?


James Bond Party

Live like James Bond for a day, an evening, a night… or more: with you and for you, we will search for the best hotel or villa where you can stay and organise your party.


We will fill your days with excursions on board luxury motorboats, tours in a Maserati, Ferrari or vintage car, flights by helicopter or seaplane, evening transfers for high class dinners and evenings in the casinos of Switzerland, stops in clubs and discotheques.


Meanwhile, we will prepare the location for the party: flowers, decorations, accessories, cars, clothing, make-up… We don’t leave anything to chance: you and your guests will have everything you need to live a James Bond experience.


We will create a casino area for you, where you can play roulette or blackjack, poker or wheel of fortune!


We will set up a bar area to taste the famous Bond cocktails, in the company of our actors and actresses who will bring you the right atmosphere with the help of directors, photographers and video-makers. 


We can organise this party as a pre-wedding or company event, as stag night / hen party or as a Gala dinner for your most important clients and guests.


It is, in fact, perfect as a theme party for companies and groups of friends and colleagues, and our services can also include:
– reservations for overnight stays in the hotel
– lunches and dinners in the hotel or luxury villas
casino evening with supply of games tables (Roulette, Poker, Wheel of Fortune, Blackjack…)
Cocktail  Masterclass…with demonstrations and explanations from the bartender
The 007 Gentleman’s Code, the perfect 007 etiquette: what to drink, how to play, how to communicate
The Fugitive… a fun and dynamic treasure hunt during which 007 will be hunted by pursuers
The Perfect Bond Girl: quiz, questions, legends and information about the celebrity actresses who were part of the Bond story
Mystery Dinner/Party: an evening of 007 training, which sums up the services listed above, enlivened by the presence of our actors, who will involve the audience, from one course to the next, in elegant dress, with background music played by one of our bands, dancers, extras, and clothing for the scenes available depending on the needs of the client.
Location research: don’t know where to organise the 007/James Bond event?  Trust our Location Finder service:  villas, hotels, restaurants of various levels and capacities.
Transport: bus, cars, high profile boats at your service


Have fun!!

For your events, we have various high-level locations to propose to you: villas and restaurants with refined cuisine, specialised catering, with musical accompaniments, floral decorations, and everything that can serve to create a unique event.


Gatsby Style Dinner and Party

Always in vogue, thanks to the elegance, class and opulence that it carries. A theme party that demands great attention for the research of the details that make it complete and unforgettable.   The Gatsby Party is vintage, deco, a return to a past century with hairstyles, clothing, shoes, accessories researched and never banal, suitable music, also with modern twists and interpretations, vintage cars, luxury boats … an atmosphere to create in the right environment … the locations that the lakes know and can offer.


The music will surprise you:  we have specialised bands and DJs, excellent!


Years ago, the style of vintage, swing, the Charleston, the Balboa and the Lindy Hop returned to Italian-Swiss lakes.  We have dancers and excellent instructors who know how to engage you and make it fun for you, and with the modern rhythm of Electric Swing, too.


The clothing will make you fall in love with the vintage style… if you aren’t already,  but so will the make-up, hairdos, accessories, earrings, bags, brooches and much, much more.  Think of a Gatsby Style wedding, or a rehearsal dinner, a birthday or a wedding anniversary, a product launch, the presentation of a new model, a wild company party or a luxurious dinner as part of an incentive trip…


Other ideas?


Bollywood party
Flower Power from the 70s and 
Disco Dance from the 80s and the 90s
Casino Night and gambling games
Italian fashion and traditions
Cooking Together – the foodies’ themed dinner…Italian, Thai, Moroccan…
Open-Air Party
Happening Party / Luxury street food party


Everything you need for your event:
Tables, chairs, tents, inflatables, dishes, glasses, cutlery, tablecloths, catering services, furniture, dancefloors, conference equipment, game equipment


Where?  In the most famous villas and hotels, which are Villa Olmo, Villa Erba, Villa Carlotta, Villa Melzi, Villa Balbianello, Villa d’Este, Hotel Tremezzo Palace, Villa Serbelloni, Hotel Casta Diva, Villa Norma, Villa Cima, Villa del Grumello and in many other locations, perhaps less known but with notable views and gardens!

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