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Private elegant and luxury taxiboats for a first class cruise on the Lakes

Cruises, transfers, experiences on Lake Como, Maggiore, Orta, Lugano, Iseo, Garda, Lucerne, Zurich

A lake must be lived, known and discovered calmly, appreciating the views, scenery, scent, colours, villas, hotels and the parks in bloom.


Depending on the number of participants and the time you have available, we will make you live the lake as it is lived: never in a banal way; do not ask for it to be. We just want unique experiences for you.


We can arrange a private luxury cruise for you to discover the beauty of the lakes with a cruise on board a private boat. We have excellent suppliers, whether on Lake Como (Italy) or Maggiore (Italy or Switzerland), on Lake Orta (Italy) or Lugano (Switzeland or Italy), Lake Iseo or Garda (Italy), Lucerne or Zurich (In Switzerland).


High-quality taxi-boats and even luxury motorboats, in addition to the classic Riva and some very charming ships and galleons, as well as traditional steamships or others more modern, to rent exclusively for cruises with lunches or dinners on board and varied music and entertainment.


Our cruises are completed and enriched by high-level services:

  • hostess on board, for clients who want to have high-profile assistance;
  • trained, multilingual, carefully selected professional tourist guides;
  • catering service (where possible, according to the ship’s dimensions and the number of passengers on board) for lunches/dinners/tastings;
  • stops for visits to villas, gardens, private residences;
  • photographer/video-maker for personalised coverage of your experience


Over the years, we have enriched our offerings with services for a very high market segment:


Modern, technological treasure hunt during the cruise, ending in a small town: a solution appreciated by many companies, who play, film, take photos and answer general knowledge questions with our modern tablets… then land and live the same experience in a town to finish the game with a glass of wine (visit the treasure hunt page for further details)


– Private boat cruise with stops and cooking classes in first class restaurants. For lovers of unique experiences… an original and extremely curated format: a cruise on board a private boat, with stops in restaurants along the lake, where the chef proposes a cooking class of a dish typical of the local tradition, accompanied by an excellent wine.


A proposal for companies or high-profile groups, an ideal incentive on Lake Como with great expectations, also interesting as team building if connected – for example – to a photographic rally or a treasure hunt made both by boat and on the ground, with experiences in more than one area of the lake. Also very beautiful as a stag night or hen party of the highest standard, or as a day before or after the wedding to discover the lake in a relaxed way.


The object of the experience is to discover the lake on a cruise that brings the participants to food and wine stops accompanied/completed by a guided tour in 3 or 4 areas of a lake – you choose which!


How does this food and wine tasting experience take place on Lake Como, or Lake Garda, or Lake Maggiore or Lake Iseo? With a lesson in preparing a typical, traditional dish, combined with a glass of excellent wine!


At the end, catch the cruise, with other possible restaurant stops:  depending on expectations, maybe also plan a stop or stops followed by lunch or dinner in a fabulous restaurant with a terrace or a veranda with a lake view.


There is, of course, the possibility of combining the stops for the food and wine experiences with visits to the gardens, islands and villas of Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Lake Garda, Lake Iseo and Lake Orta… Lake Lugano does not have islands, but wonderful “crotti” (small local restaurants) to stop at for lunch or for a cooking class!


Cruise with a visit to a fisherman: during a beautiful cruise on board a private taxi-boat, accompanied by an expert and friendly local guide, you will have to opportunity to stop and visit the workplace of a local fisherman, who will talk with you about fishing methods, traditions and local legends of the fish of the lake.


The chef and recipes: in the meantime, a chef will be preparing your fish tasting. He will speak about the traditional recipes and offer a an old favourite, accompanied by a glass of excellent wine.


– We have customized the official start of luxurious and sought-after parties, gala dinners, wedding parties by transferring participants on board fleets of 20 and more elegant taxi-boats, with guests in masks and evening wear who disembark relaxed and happy after a short cruise with our drivers. An unforgettable connection between a day on the lake and a theme party..

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