Activities and group excursions

Group activities are always a great success

Activities and group excursions offered by Lake Lovers

We provide professional assistance to help you organise the most beautiful excursions to discover the Lakes area.


We have excellent, well-trained guides, collaborators and suppliers: we think about every need, from means of transportation, to booking restaurants and huts, to tickets for funiculars … and so many other small details that will make your experience unforgettable.


Our solutions are suitable for groups of friends who want to spend a day of activity, maybe for a stag night or a hen party, or for wedding guests who want to enjoy the day before – or after – the big event, to have fun and play sports.


Or companies that are looking for team building for their employees, as well as companies that invite their best customers to live their unforgettable experiences on Lake Como, Lake Iseo or Lake Garda, on Lake Orta or on Lake Maggiore.


Hiking with Lake Lovers

Numerous itineraries, of various levels of difficulty, can be started directly from the hotel – or start with a private transfer and then go hiking. We will plan the activity to arrive for lunch in a hut or in a panoramic area where you can have a nice picnic, for which – in the meantime – we will have set up the area with tablecloths, pillows, napkins, cutlery and lots of food accompanied by water to quench your thirst after the physical exertion, and wine to satisfy the palate!


E-bike trip with Lakes Lovers

For now, let’s leave mountain bikes and muscular city bikes and offer you excursions on the latest generation, powerful, perfect e-bikes. With assisted pedalling, all participants, even the less experienced ones, can follow roads and paths of medium difficulty, while the best trained will reach panoramic views, usually not easy to reach on traditional bicycles, in less time.


Kayaks and canoes with Lake Lovers

Ready to paddle?  We have a magic lake for you to discover, where you can row undisturbed in an unspoiled environment, visit a private island with very rare animal species and lunch in a very elegant restaurant.


Before – and after – you can row and compete amongst yourselves: we have formats suitable for team building in contact with the water: all fun will be provided!!


Canyoning with Lakes Lovers

Dives, natural slides, uncontaminated nature, adrenaline and emotion: ready for canyoning? We have various low- and medium-difficulty solutions that you will face with our well-trained and experienced experts, always with appropriate and professional equipment. We will take care of getting you there, lunch and all photos with our photographer – you just devote yourself to fun!


Sailing proposed by Lakes Lovers

Fleets of boats of various classes, or small boats for your fun on the lakes. Depending on the area where you want to sail, we will propose an available solution including: boating centre, welcome coffee, lunch, snack, qualified instructors, clean boats in good condition. A professional service and at the level of class facilities and with qualified staff.


Other activities with Lakes Lovers

Some activities, such as stand-up paddle boarding and water skiing, are difficult to guarantee for groups. We can include them in programmes in rotation when we are asked to rent an exclusive location and provide staff and equipment.

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